Growing every year since our inception, we've been investing heavily in technology and people.


Globally positioned, we combine the latest technology with a unique group of professional traders and innovative developers to achieve the highest results.

Recognizing that market opportunity knows no boundaries, we execute our trading strategies across a diverse range of asset classes at the leading exchanges around the world.

Exhibiting critical minds and independent thinking, our employees share a common vision, ethic, and goal. Individual effort is rewarded; team success is celebrated.


At Eagle Seven we’re more than a company – we're a team. Our people have created a culture and environment that is directly correlated with our firm’s retention success since its founding. Everyone knows that innovation trumps ego.

A true meritocracy, our industry is one of few that experiences higher stakes and greater rewards. It takes critical minds and independent thinking to successfully navigate the complexity of world markets. At Eagle Seven, our employees overcome this uncertainty everyday by sharing a common vision, ethic, and goal.